A hacker, known as plamoni, has created a Siri proxy server that could allow anyone to use it and make it function with a wide range of non-Apple devices.
A development firm called Applidium, hacked Siri’s security protocol and has explained the process so it can be available for anyone to use. Siri is a personal assistant application for iOS, that Apple acquired last year, that when prompted by voice commands, can perform a variety of tasks.
One implementation of Siri + the proxy server is sending commands to any standard thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities. Plamoni has taught Siri (no jailbreak required) to send commands over the network. If anyone is interested, the source code is available for free online. Anyone with an iPhone 4S unique identifier and knowledge of networking can get it working. Setting up Siri to control your home’s temperature involves the use of a DNS server that uses a proxy to send requests to Siri’s server. The hack lets Siri control the thermostat by adjusting the temperature with the current temperature being relayed.
Plamoni stated that the hack will only let a user run Siri on the iPhone 4S.
View the Siri proxy demo video below:

source: macstories.net