pMailer enhances latest V5 version with new features

Since its launch in 2007, pMailer, a general email marketing delivery platform, has undergone continuous improvements and enhancements due to the the high growth and changing email technologies landscape. pMailer, the latest v5 version of which was launched in 2011, continues to evolve with recent improvements to some of its features. In 2010 SMS was added to pMailer making it the only true integrated email and mobile communication tool in South Africa.
The new features of pMailer include:

  • Improved Geo-location reporting layout: pMailer now has enhanced geo-location reporting. Users will now be able to view this report via an improved map layout to determine where their contacts are located nationally and internationally. This type of information provides insight into where companies should allocate resources and sales efforts, shows the areas where production is high and can be utilised as an effective sales tool.
  • A slicker and cleaner user interface: The menu navigation has been simplified, making it easier for users to find what they need with a lot of effort having gone into usability design, making the “œGetting Started“ process simple. Message composition has been streamlined to simplify the message composition process and includes improved template selection with colour customization. A message template can also be created by uploading a ZIP file of the design. Users will now be able to manage lists and list group simultaneously.
  • Templates: If users don‘t have template designs of their own, they can now choose from a selection of templates that have been broadened to include 50 free designs. They will also have the ability to customise the colours of the templates to reflect particular corporate identity and branding requirements. Useful functionality now available on the list feature is the single view of all lists, filtering by list group; overview of list reports and making changes to lists and list groups has also been simplified.
  • Account Management: The account management interface will now be native to the pMailer Version 5 dashboard with great improvements to the user experience that will be carried across the whole pMailer experience, from message composition right through to billing. Other features include: purchasing of credits, account upgrades, invoice payments and general account management.
  • Plugins for a richer user experience: pMailer now offers plugins to improve the database‘s user experience. These are free plugins that integrate pMailer with a user’s website. The pMailer subscription form module enables users to convert  Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Expression Engine site visitors to possible newsletter communications recipients using the powerful pMailer bulk messaging platform. This helps users to convert site traffic to contacts using this easy module that tightly integrates with pMailer using an API key. The pMailer message archive integration module enables users to show a list of already sent newsletter communications.

View some of the new features below: