Google Street View Goes Beyond The Shop Front

Google’s online street view is allowing small businesses such as restaurants, gyms and retail shops to provide viewers with what lies inside their shops, beyond the shop fronts that are shown on the map service. Small businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United States have been able to invite Street View photographers into their spaces to capture images that will appear online.
A test programme that was launched in April 2010 was showing success as a result of an increase in panoramic images taken inside businesses that volunteered to be part of the project.
Google spokesperson Deanna Yick said “We’ve been seeing renewed interest in the past few days because, as promised, we’re getting more imagery online.”
The availability of imagery gives viewers an extensive view of the shops to decide if they want to visit the store and what they might find on offer. The images are reportedly in such detail that one can see what’s on the shelves and even take a virtual tour with the 360 degree navigation tool. As usual, Google is continuing to blur the faces of bystanders captured in the pictures to ensure individual privacy.
image source: dailymail