Gmail Rolls Out New Design To All Users

Back in October we posted the accidentally revealed video of Gmail’s new design plans. Well, now Jason Cornwell, User Experience Designer, has made it official on the search giant’s Gmail blog along with an instruction video and screen shots as the new look becomes available to all Gmail users. Users logging into their accounts will now see an option at the top or bottom corner of the screen to ‘Switch to the new look’.
Here is a more specific look at what Gmail has finally rolled out.
Streamlined Conversations:
The conversation view has been redesigned for improved readability with the addition of email threads to follow the entire conversation and profile pictures of contacts.

Elastic Density:
Gmail can be used from a variety of devices and screen sizes for optimum view. The spacing between elements will be adjusted depending on which device is being used.

HD Themes:
A brand new set of HD themes are now available to personalise each account. Old themes have also been revamped and will be automatically carried over when users choose to apply the new look.

Smarter Navigation:
The navigation panel on the left keeps labels and chat contacts in view all the time. It’s also more customizable so labels and chat areas can be resized to see more.

Improved search:
Now users can search for exactly what they’re looking for with the new advanced search box.