It gets worse for Vodacom, customers experience 'soft locking' issue

Things seem to be getting worse for Vodacom. First Vodacom faced the Blackberry outages saga across Africa, The Middle East and Europe, which RIM are currently trying to resolve and now the service provider is having technical issues with what it is calling ‘softlocking’. The company is receiving a number of complaints from Twitter users who are expressing frustration.

One customer wrote the following to hellopeter: “I received a message from Vodacom at 6pm last night informing me that my account has been softlocked. I tried calling the call centre but i was unable to contact them because my account was softlocked. The sms gave no reason as to why my account was softocked. I know my account is up to date as it automatically debited off my bank account. 
I contacted the call centre by calling from someone else’s phone only to find out that I needed to contact the accounts department the next day (today). I have been calling the call centre number since 8am and have been cut off every single time. Vodacome has the “call back” option where they promise to contact yo within an hour. I did receive a call but when I answered, all i heard was silence on the other end.
This is absolutely unacceptable. I am losing a lot of business as a result of this since i am unable to receive emails or contact clients. This is also a safety hazard since I will not be able to contact anyone in the event of an emergency.
If I do not receive assistance from Vodacom within the next 2 hours, I will be taking legal action.”
Vodacom has acknowledged the technical issue it is calling ‘softlocking’ and are currently working on fixing the problem as soon as possible.
More details to follow..
Update – some users have fixed the issue by switching their phone’s off and on again:

  1. There is also the current issue of calls being switched either when dialling or mid-way between conversation.
    This has happened to myself about 6 times over the past two weeks, as well as to my wife and father-in-law.
    In short, you are chatting away with someone, and then get switched to another call. This is followed by “hello, hello” to some random person.

  2. If you fail the schooling system you get a job as a Metro Cop or as a Vodacom employee. What do you expect!

  3. Ummm…the Blackberry issues have nothing to do with Vodacom? If your BB is on any operators network you will have the same issues?

  4. Tried that Chris19870116 and it did not work.  Vodacom has fix my problem – thank you guys!!!!  My balance is back to what it was, i can make calls and i can send sms’s now.  Thank you….

  5. don’t rely on using your twatberry in case of an emergency, chances are you are going to have to dismantle it completely first, re-ASSemble and then let it reboot again…… and if you do get thru to 112 make sure you make the right choice  – you are thru to the vodacom 112 blah blah blah, if you have a life threatening emergency please press 1…… WTF???? its an emergency situation why the F should I have to make a choice….. 

  6. `The thing that irritates me the most is that if Vodacom has nothing to do with Blackberry services being down, how can the cap my service, or in this case, RIM’s service at 100MB? Make me sick.

    1. they don’t cap your blackberry data usage at 100mb imbicle. They only reduce the speed at which you can download…eish!!!!! and yes, I also feel that is wrong, even though I don’t have a blackberry as I think it is a crap phone.

  7. Have tried since getting through to these clowns since 7:30 this morning. Only to be cutoff after listening to their crap music for 35min. Why not say in your recorded menu system that there is a problem.

  8. It is disgusting with what we pay that service providers cannot deliver on their contractual obbligations.

  9. I’m one of the ‘victims.’ Things happen, I understand that. But I’m not impressed with how Vodacom has dealt with this. They could have sent emails or sms’s detailing what’s wrong and when it would be attended to.

  10. As soon as my contract is up I’m kicking Vodacom into touch. I thought MTN was crap,was with them for 10years but Vodacom is the pits and its not even 2 years. As with banks like ABSA,
    the bigger these ass-wipes get, the more you pay for lesser and lesser service.

  11. I also get on a regular basis that the my BB goes on “SOS” -  and then I have to restart my phone to get signal back again. This is apparently happening to alot of other BB users! Why can’t the Vodacom resolve this and other issues?

  12. i doubt it vodacom, i think its the RIM job!!!!… if it wasnt for the ‘supposedly’ free services and bbm i wouldnt have bothered but ja, suckered into another 2 years of wedded bliss with vodaSCUM!!! 

  13. Righty-o, back to training the ole carrier pigeons – at least they’re a bit more reliable …

  14. My phone works for 5 minutes then everyone asks me why they cannot get hold of me. Phone goes straight to voicemail. Then all of a sudden it’s back to normal. Took my phone to a Vodashop yesterday and they wanted to send it away. Lucky for me I said no, turns out to be a Vodacom issue! I am not ‘softblocked’. Have an iphone 3Gs.

  15. they might not cap it but what vodacom does is this – I have a softlock on my phone for when i reach my call limit for the month, when this happens my bis goes for a ball of wax and i am not able to bbm, surf or any use ANY BIS SERVICE until i request my softlock to be turned off…. THIS IS COMPLETE BS since the one has NOTHING to do with the other…. VODASCUM SUX!!!!! but then again, which service provider doesnt.. i been with vodacom since 1996….. OUCH!!!

  16. Same thing happened to me I got through to Vodacom eventually this afternoon and they explained the issue to me. Why then have they not sent an sms to everyone letting them no of the problems and that they are working on them. Useless bunch…I have not been able to make any calls, only receive and its extremely inconvenient and frustrating. uite frankly I find it unacceptable.

  17. On top of it the customer care centre is not answering, 3 calls today holding for over 20 minutes and then there website is even worse. Oh wow is me!

  18. sadly agree here…….
    Vodacom sucks – can”t believe I bought into the hype……..
    MTN users get some odd 114 KB download rates, we get 10……

  19. Lets see how much money you spend “suing” Vodacom before you realize you are barking up an empty chair. Any person running a business that doesn’t have a back up in place for cell phone failure, deserves what it gets, obviously you would not have made the cut 40 years ago, when ordinary people lived full and productive lives without having a phone glued to their heads.

  20. Why do people keep on using the same lame statement…..I am losing business, I need my phone for safety. For goodness sakes people if you are relying solely on one little device to run your business and keep you safe you are seriously deluded.

  21. This happened several times in Mozambique over a month ago.  Don’t they learn from their mistakes?  Of course they spent the first failure telling the customers nothing was wrong….

  22. And what about the constant regular disconnecting from the internet. I’ve ‘upgraded’ my modem twice and had it ‘checked’ and ‘repaired’ several times. It continues to randomly disconnect. Why oh why am I locked into a contract with vodacom, I ask myself daily.

  23. Call centre’s was a job creation by the ANC!!Now try to phone Vodacom and you get some mentals transferring you back and forth and each one has their own retarded way of solving a problem ,but what they don’t realise is they make it FREAKEN worse!!!!!!!!!

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