Celebrating Freddie Mercury with Google Doodle

Search giant Google is celebrating what would have been Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday with their second longest doodle to date. The Queen front man who died in 1991 is being honoured with a 98 second long animated video doodle appearing on Google’s homepage. The animation sees Mercury in a variety of crazy worlds and scenes inspired by his lyrics and famous music videos all to the hit song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. The animation begins with Mercury on stage with the rest of Queen with bright ‘Google’ lights and a hug crowd of fans.  Mercury then ventures into an old style video game where he rides a tiger and shoots into outer space and appears  in a number of his famous costumes.
The doodle, headed up by Jenniefer Hom, was a team effort and took about three months to create. “Considering how colourful Freddie’s career was, we wanted to create a doodle that was just as colourful,” said Hom. The team decided to go with the hit ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ because it was one of Queen’s top 10 hits of all time and was written by Mercury himself.  The song also reflects the legacy and exceptional impact that Mercury and the band have left on the world of music.
Viewers may also notice the references to other well known songs such as ‘Bicycle’, ‘I Want to Break Free’ and ‘Flash’.
Once the animation is complete, clicking on the doodle will lead viewers directly to a number of biographical links about Freddie Mercury.
Watch the Doodle video below: