Nintendo announces new value Wii Bundle with Horizontal Console

Nintendo is releasing a new Wii Bundle for the upcoming holiday sales (is it really that time already?), which includes a newly configured Wii Console and includes the Wii Sports and Wii Party games.

Wii Party continues the “mini-game” idea of Wii Sports, and is ideal for quick arcade style gaming sessions which encourage group game playing. One interesting game is Hide ‘n Hunt:
“Compete or co-operate in 13 different game modes and, for the first time, take the action out of the television screen as the House Party mode turns your living room into a pivotal part of the game play. For example, search under the sofa or behind the bookcase for the hidden Wii Remote controllers in the Hide “˜n‘ Hunt game or be careful not to be the last player holding the Wii Remote in Time Bomb. Wii Party also includes Pair Games and Party Games modes – both of which keep the varied challenges coming thick and fast as you play with fellow friends and family.”

Also included in this bundle is the original Wii classic, Wii Sports, offering five distinct sports experiences which make use of the motion controls enabled by the Wii Remote. Swing the controller like a racket in Tennis, and grip it like a bat for swatting fastballs out of the park in Baseball. In Golf, you’ll tee up and hold the controller like a golf club and swing naturally to guide the ball onto the green. While in Bowling, raise the Wii Remote and swing your arm to roll the ball, and in Boxing use the Nunchuk controller as one glove and the Wii Remote as the other to dodge, weave and punch your opponents.
This new Wii bundle not only offers great value to South African fans, but introduces a streamlined Wii console with a slightly altered configuration, which is designed to sit horizontally, rather than vertically. Maybe some Wii’s have been tipping over? Truth be told, we prefer it this way.
The new Wii bundle launches across South Africa this Spring and includes the newly configured Wii console in white, a Wii Remote Plus controller, Nunchuk, and copies of Wii Sports and Wii Party. A number of other Wii bundles will be announced this season all offering great value. Watch this space!