Event Details: Mobile Entertainment Africa

As a piece of technology the mobile device has had an incredible affect across the world. The geographical nature of Africa as a continent and the lack of previous fixed line telecommunication development has meant the mobile device‘s status has multiplied compared to more emerged continents and countries. For the many citizens of the many countries that make up Africa, the mobile device is not the 6th screen but in fact the 1st screen ““ an illustration of its importance and its potential. This has been covered in many different articles, papers, presentations, interviews, tweets and conversations. As facts go this is right up there with “˜the world is round‘.
The upcoming Mobile Entertainment Africa (23 – 24 August 2011) is about potential, it is about the technology of choice, it is about consumer behaviour, it is about monetisation, it is about what people actually do on their devices.
Consumers like to have fun, they like to play, they like to entertain, they like to be entertained, they like to be creative, they like to interact, they like to use the 10 minutes they have waiting for their friend, they like to catch up, they like to share. They like to consume (which is probably why they‘re called consumers“¦)
As an event Mobile Entertainment Africa is going to break down the mobile entertainment market into key sections ““ gaming, film/broadcast/TV, football, music, big players perspectives, publishing. These will form the backbone of the conference. Selected thought and business leaders will present their views in compact presentations ““ they‘ll discuss their experiences through case studies, how they‘ve monetised the opportunity, how they‘re looking to expand, the issues they‘ve overcome and their thoughts on the future.
Each mini session will have a distinct subject. Presentations will be delivered. The delegation will then have the opportunity to discuss what they have heard amongst their peers. This will be followed by a traditional panel discussion. Then there‘ll be some informal networking, before we do it all again ““ tackling another distinct subject.
It‘s going to be a packed, informative and progressive two days. BandwidthBlog will be there to cover the event as well.
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