Google+ now has Games, Including Angry Birds

We all know the deal on Facebook – you get people who use it for simple social networking, and those that click on just about any app or game and become hooked on the platform (much to the dismay of others who have to deal with constant invites). Now Google is also using this method of hooking people to the platform, although it does seem a lot more polished and organized.

Although it is not yet live for everyone (I checked this morning and I am not yet that lucky), Google+ Games will be placed in a fifth button on the top of the screen, and the current catalogue looks pretty great. Most significantly, these games are focussed on sharing your accomplishments within your circles, and the user can cleanly just from the games view to the other Google+ views. You can of course disable games invites in your circles – if you are not yet familiar with Circles, click here to get a proper explanation.  As Google puts it, the games are there when you want them, and gone when you dont. Take a look at this video to see how the games interface will work – very impressive actually.

Google+ Games will have quite a few titles on launch (currently around 16), and includes Angry Birds, Zynga Poker and Sudoko as well. Zynga is the gaming company that has made its fortunes on Facebook with games like Farmville, so its interesting to see them embrace this new platform as well. Google is also inviting developers to jump on board, so expect the platform to grow very quickly. If you happen to be lucky enough to have Google+ games already live on your account, give us your impressions in the comments, OK?
 Update: Looks like Google+ Games has made Facebook sit up and take notice – they have now announced updates to Facebook Games as well, including a new fullscreen view with a ticker screen on the right to monitor your friends and their gaming activity.