Once Friends, Now Enemies: Google vs Apple (Infographic)

How sad. At one point Google and Apple actually got along quite well. In fact, Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt used to be on the Apple Board of Directors. But then the iPhone came along, and Google built their open source Android smartphone operating system, which soured the relationship a bit. Apple still uses Google for some of the key services on the iPhone, like Maps and Search. But since the release of Android, there has been very little working together. But the most damning evidence of animosity comes directly from the top at Apple, with Steve Jobs stating:

“We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won‘t let them.”

But you are here to see the infographic. It is large, so clickthrough if it does not fully show.

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Source: Visual.ly, GigaOM