Afrihost was started in mid-August 2000 by Gian Visser, Brendan Armstrong and Peter Meintjes while Greg Payne joined the company in 2005 as a director.
In its first year Afrihost signed up around 300 customers and generated R450,000 in revenue. Since then the company has grown to over 50,000 clients and raking in over R100 million per annum. Wow.
Afrihost CEO Gian Visser says that the foundation of their success is the passion of their team. “œIt‘s all about giving back ““ to both our clients and our staff. We are passionate about delighting our clients and the only way we can effectively do this is through our people“. You might know Gian from Twitter, where Afrihost regularly holds competitions, which are very popular.

Afrihost was founded in August 2000 on the premise that it could deliver a web hosting service superior to that provided by the industry at that time. For eleven years, Afrihost has focused on delivering world class hosting solutions to over 12 000 clients and runs services in South Africa, the USA and Australia.
Their Servers are hosted in Internet Solutions‘ data centers in South Africa. These facilities provide fast access to the South African Internet and MPLS networks. They are currently Internet Solutions‘ largest reseller of ADSL Bandwidth.
In 2009 Afrihost started selling ADSL connectivity and made a huge impact in the market by selling ADSL Bandwidth at prices far below that of any of our competitors. This was possible through a clever strategy which involved using the marketing budget to subsidize the price difference until they sold enough to negotiate lower pricing. They now have over 40 000 ADSL clients in the short span of 2 years in the ADSL market.
Afrihost recently redesigned their offices, and Bandwidth Blog got hold of some of the Office photos. All in all a great looking place, and I am sure people would not mind working in an environment like this…