App Review: Photosync for Facebook

I am one of those people who have grown sick of all the Facebook emails in my inbox, so I have switched off all notifications. The one problem with this is that I have no idea of what photos of myself are being tagged on Facebook over time. Also, I would like to keep many of the images I appear in. Sure, you can use a bunch of apps on your desktop to make that happen, but what if you want to do it from your phone? You can use the Facebook app yes, but you cannot download all your tagged images at once. This is where Touchlab’s Photosync (US Store link) comes in – simply enter your Facebook details, and the app will quickly find all your tagged images, and then enable you to download the ones you want quickly into your camera roll.

Overall the app worked well – signup was easy, and photo transfers is really quick. I like that the app divides photos by month, so if you were one of the first people on Facebook, it is almost like seeing a timeline of your photos, and yes its cool to quickly look back at memories. You know that delay when browsing photos in the Facebook app, even over a fast connection? There is none of that in Photosync. Overall I am impressed by the stability and speed of the app – it is a lot faster than using the Facebook app for this specific task. The app has been developed by Touchlab, a division within Media24 focused on building applications and tablet magazines.

Disclosure: Charl Norman is the owner of Bandwidth blog and also a founding member of Touchlab.