MIH Swat releases Naval Strike for iPhone

Here at Bandwidth Blog we want to promote local developers and we recently learned about Naval Stike – a relatively simple but very addictive game from the folks at MIH Swat. Based on the idea to gain proficiency in a few key areas, their team set out to build a classic strategy game which uses modern multiplayer methods that modern smartphones use.
I tried out the game – and I have to agree it is quite addictive. While the graphics are simple, the multiplayer portion is especially fun. Users can compete with nearby iPhone users using Bluetooth, or using Apple‘s Game Center. Bluetooth worked well, to both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Game Center integration is a bit more tricky, because you have to have friends who have the game loaded, or it will automatch you to an opponent. I eventually gave up because it took a while. Pretty sure it will become quicker once more users have it installed.
MIH Swat also put some interesting notes up regarding the development process they used, including their experience with the Apple Appstore review process. It seems it was pretty smooth sailing for them
Despite the academic / research focussed nature of the game, it works well. If you have your iPhone handy simply go and find it in the Appstore or click here.