VLC Player now available for iPhone

Finally! After being released on iPad a few weeks back, VLC is now available on iPhone as well, using a universal app. For those who do not know – VLC player is the “it can play any video format” open source player that is available on a variety of platforms. Doesnt matter what the video file format is, VLC somehow finds a way to play it…
VLC player for iPhone does require a bit of horsepower, because it bypasses the dedicated video decoding hardware on the device. So you will need at least a iPhone 3GS or later, and you can expect the battery not to last as long when you are playing files through the dedicated iPod app.
VLC uses the iTunes file transfer method – you simply connect your iOS device, go to the device in iTunes, select apps, scroll down to “File Sharing” and select the VLC player app on the left. Click on the “Add” button and then select the files you want to throw onto your iPhone or iPad. No need to transcode / convert files for use in iTunes. Most of the files I tested it with played without issue. After you are done watching files, you can simply delete them right on the device.
Go get it here.