Kalahari.net announces Reader software

So what if you do not want to feed the Amazon machine, but still want try out electronic books? Kalahari.net is announcing today that they will make their own e-book store and reading software available. Presently the software is being made available for both Windows and Mac.

I tried out the Mac version, and the application was built on Adobe AIR (which explains the cross platform ability). At present users download and authenticate using Adobe authentication. While I was unable to purchase additional books yet, we have to wait until final launch to see pricing that will be made available. Currently any Adobe Digital Editions book will load in the new Kalahari Reader, with the addition of being able to purchase books directly from Kalahari.net.
One portion I would like to try out is the borrow function – its a big shortcoming in the Kindle Marketplace, and a big criticism of e-books in general. I believe that books are made to share, and there needs to be a formal solution made. Also, I would like the ability to give my book to someone else once I am done with it. But lets see which e-book retailer would like to do that!
Have to give credit to Kalahari.net for throwing their net in as well – good luck to them!