Axxess launches uncapped internet for R99

My, how far we have come. To think about a year ago we were still paying through our noses for even the simplest ADSL data bundles. And then finally Mweb stepped up to the plate and made relatively affordable uncapped internet available. While uncapped packages at present do not really cater for power users due to heavily shaped bandwidth during business hours, there are still people who need to use their internet connection for everyday web browsing and email.

Axxess has just announced a R99 uncapped deal called “just Surf”. This is of course for a 384kbps line version. The user is still responsible for getting an ADSL line from Telkom, which these days is becoming the most expensive part of getting an internet connection at home. Pretty sad considering that an ADSL line is not really even a seperate line going to your house, its merely frequencies being isolated in a traditional phone line.
Here is Axxess’s statement:
In a radical and very exciting move to offer the average South African uncapped Internet, Axxess DSL have launched their new uncapped offerings. The new addition to the current uncapped offerings is called the Axxess “œjust Surf,“ Uncapped Internet Account. The name pretty much sums the account up, as it is targeted to the user that merely wants unlimited internet surfing capabilities without having to be concerned about how many gigs they have used, or when they are going to hit their cap. It is truly affordable to anyone who has an ADSL line, at R99 it is cheaper than a case of beer, and lasts for the whole month!
Pricing is as follows:
R99 per month            384Kbps
R149 per month          512Kbps
R249 per month          1024Kbps