First large scale iPad survey results

Its been a few months since the iPad has been out – and the opinions about the device have been polarising so far. People either love the idea of a “third screen” device or hate it. Well, it turns out that the early adopters of the iPad are very satisfied with their purchases.
Technologizer did a survey with 6000 iPad owners and asked them a range of questions about the device. Here are some of the standout results:

The next one surprised me – because I also wonder why someone would use a iPad if they could use their smartphone. Guess I was wrong:
And finally:
What you have to keep in mind here is that this subset of survey responders are most likely early adopters who do get excited by new technology. People with strong opinions about something is also more likely to respond to survey.
But still – it does make the naysayers rethink there arguments somewhat.
Of course there are a lot more questions: The State of iPad Satisfaction