New features in TweetDeck for Desktop v0.34

TweetDeck has just released a new version of its popular desktop client, complete with Google Buzz and Foursquare integration, simpler video uploading, scheduled updates and global filters.
Here‘s a closer look at the new features:
1. Google Buzz integration: TweetDeck is one of the first desktop clients to offer this functionality, which allows you to post to Buzz with no character limits, to comment on and like friends‘ posts, and to mute the conversations you don’t want to follow.
2. Foursquare integration: TweetDeck is now location-aware. You can check in using your Foursquare account, find your friends, and see tips and current visitors on venue profile pages. If you don‘t have a Foursquare account, you‘ll be able to find your location on a popup map and add location information to your normal tweets.
3. Scheduled updates: Twitter updates, wall posts and Foursquare check-ins can all be scheduled to be sent at a later date and time. A dedicated Scheduled Updates column allows you to view, edit, reschedule or cancel the updates you‘ve already queued.
4. Simpler video uploading: You can now upload a video file in the same way as you‘d upload an image file. Videos can also be recorded through your webcam, and posted directly to any of your accounts.
5. Global filters: TweetDeck v0.34 allows you to hide updates based on sender, source or keyword, using multiple global filters.
Watch this video to see the new features in action: