Latest US mobile data from comScore

comScore, Inc. has released the latest data from the comScore MobiLens service, reporting key trends in the US mobile phone industry between January and March 2010.
According to the report, Samsung has overtaken Motorola as the leading handset manufacturer, with a 21.9% share of the mobile subscriber base. The two are separated by just a fraction of a percentage point. LG is in third spot, with a 21.8% share, followed by RIM and Nokia, both on 8.3%. RIM (manufacturers of Blackberry devices) showed the highest growth.
The report shows that 63.7% of subscribers sent a text message to another phone during this period, while just 13.2% used their phones for listening to music. Since the end of the previous three-month period (October to December 2009), there have been fairly significant increases in the percentage of users who have:

  • used their phone‘s browser (up 2.6 percentage points to 30.1%)
  • used downloaded apps (up 2.6 points to 28.6%)
  • accessed social networks or blogs (up 2.8 points to 18.7%)

The research covered current mobile subscribers in the US, aged 13 and older – an average of 234 million users across the three months ending March 2010.