Internet Explorer 9 Preview 2 now available

If you are someone who always wants to try the latest version of software, even if it is a pre release, you might want to take a look at IE9. I downloaded it, and from what I see Microsoft is really trying to step up to the plate by creating a decent standards based browser. While it might not be a Webkit browser like Chrome or Safari, it does support the newer HTML5 standards, including H.264 video codecs right out the box.  IE9 is currently not even in Beta yet, but is primarily focussed on web developers who want to be proactive with their work. When you install it, it does not replace your current IE install, so its not too risky. What this version of IE9 does well is some great new design demos:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You can run the demos in other browsers and just see how they perform. So if you are interested, you can get IE9 preview here.