Amatomu now managed by Creative Spark Interactive

If you‘re a South African blogger, then chances are you‘re familiar with the ups and downs that blog aggregator Amatomu has experienced over the past couple of years.

Amatomu logoOnce the darling of the SA blogging community, Amatomu began to show signs of strain after its original creators, Matthew Buckland and Vincent Maher, left the company that owned the site (Mail & Guardian Online). The repeated downtime eventually got so bad that many top bloggers in the country reluctantly removed the code from their blogs, as it was presumed to be causing errors and slowing down page-load times.
Registered Amatomu users this week received an email explaining that the site has now been taken over by Creative Spark Interactive. What makes this particularly good news is that Creative Spark is Matthew Buckland‘s new project – so in a sense, Amatomu is going back home.
The Creative Spark team says, “œWe are passionate about and believe it has a bright future. We are aware of the stability issues the sitCreative Spark Interactivee has experienced, and we have made significant changes to improve uptime. We do monitor the site daily and respond to all technical complaints and issues. We will also be working on the core architecture of the site during the course of the year to increase stability.“
They‘ve also called for any PHP developers interested in playing a role (either part-time or full-time) to make contact with them.
Let‘s hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter in Amatomu‘s story – a happier one this time.