Local blogging startup, Bundublog, expands.

Simply providing a place for African internet users to get on to the web is no longer good enough for South African based blogging platform Bundublog.com.
We‘re a firm believer that African internet users still want to have their own little piece on the web, but we realised that Bundublog had to up its focus on becoming a destination website rather than just a freebie tool for bloggers.
With that in mind, the site has undergone a basic upgrade of its layout and its landing page now incorporates interviews with leading African tech experts as well as some lighter spirited social interviews.
The site can now also accommodate Bundublog aggregated podcasts, event listings and a section which will focus on giving South African entertainers – including comedians and music artists ““ the opportunity to show off their talent to the community.
On the marketing front, Bundublog has expanded its geo-targeting to include Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt as it seeks to become a truly African platform.
Another shift in focus is working out ways to help bloggers monetise their offering. For many blogging is a labour of love with few financial rewards unless you are a small business using it as part of your marketing arsenal.
With that in mind we have collaborated with local pay-per-click network AD:Dynamo and will shortly be announcing a partnership with a local mobile advertising company which could potentially provide bloggers with some annuity income from their blogs.
There is a perception out there that blogging is “œold school“ in the face of various new social media channels ““ this is something we completely disagree with. The global recession has forced businesses of all shapes and sizes to re-look at how they market their products and target online communities.
A vibrant blogging community, not only provides a channel for entrepreneurs to gain exposure, but also offers some brilliant marketing opportunities for merchants.