Free wi-fi at Greenmarket Square

A joint effort by Cape Town Partnership and wi-fi hotspot provider Skyrove means that Capetonians will now be able to make use of free wireless internet at Greenmarket Square in the city centre.
Henk Kleynhans, CEO of Skyrove says, Skyrove logo“œBusinesses on Greenmarket Square will see a significant increase in the number of people lingering in their establishments, as more locals will schedule meetings outside of the office ““ or linger over coffee ““ while they enjoy wireless internet in the cosmopolitan bustle of this 300-year old heritage space.“
Cape Town Partnership logoThe provision of free wi-fi will also certainly be of benefit to tourists, particularly those wanting to access data services on their smartphones while travelling.
The project will run for an initial six months, and individual users will be allocated 10MBs of free internet each day.
Terri Carter, Senior Project Manager at Cape Town Partnership, says promisingly, “œWe hope to roll out similar projects around the city very soon.“