BetTech secures multi-million rand investment from 4Di Capital

BetTech Gaming, a South Africa-based developer of gaming and betting software, recently secured a multi-million rand investment from 4Di Capital. The first product that BetTech plans to launch to the South African market is their Sports Book package, a fully integrated software platform that includesBetTech Gaming functionality such as risk management and reporting, event management and marketing, and an affiliate and white label system.
“œIn my opinion, most of the gaming related software platforms available in South Africa are faced with legacy type issues. They are outdated and are having to regularly redevelop and re-engineer to ensure that they keep abreast of market demand,“ says BetTech director Jesse Hemson-Struthers.
BetTech intends to work with its development partners to produce cost-effective and future-proof products that offer flexible and modular betting channels, including web, mobile and call centre. The company‘s aim is to use the South African setup as a springboard to expand into other rapidly developing sports betting markets such as India, South America and Asia.
4Di CapitalBetTech director Mark Bosman says, “œWe are delighted to have 4Di Capital on board as our long term partner in this project ““ not only for their ability to provide a capital investment for our software development plans and operational setup but also because they are able to leverage off of their global network to assist in introducing BetTech Gaming and its products to the broader market. We feel that this is where the real long-term value will be added.“