Play it free: Alien Hominid

See the yellow guy in the picture? Total badass. He, of course, is the star of Alien Hominid, a wondrous little flash game from 2002 that went on to become a fully flledged game on PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and GameBoy Advance. You can now find Alien Hominid HD on Xbox Live Arcade for the 360 for a mere 800 MS points.
Of course, it all started with a free game on the once mighty Newgrounds.
Alien Hominid, itself a 2D side-scroller, takes a great deal of inspiration from Metal Slug but wraps it in its own unique personality and humour. The gameplay is fast, challenging and most importantly, fun. Give it a try while your boss isn’t looking, or if you have a spare fifteen minutes at home.
Play it here.