Battlestar Galactica MMO is on like Donkey Kong

<lame> Where do these guys cut their hair? At the Hair Ca-lon, of course... </lame>

The first news from the 2010 Game Developer‘s Conference (the geekier, less flashy cousin of E3) is as geeky as it gets: Battlestar Galactica is coming to online.
We can confirm that the new title will be playable in the second half of this year… in your browser. That‘s right, this modern marvel of game design will squeeze every bit of oomph from your updated version of IE, Chrome or Firefox (take that, Sony). Call us skeptical, but we fear that this is another destined for history‘s giant pile of crappy, licensed games.
Never fear! If BSG‘s digital spin off does turn out to be a disappointment, you could always turn to cardboard. By which we mean the highly strategic Battlestar Galactica boardgame, which is by all accounts excellent.