Integr8 IT CEO wins African ICT awards

Integr8 IT CEO Rob Sussman received several accolades at ForgeAhead’s annual African ICT Achievers Awards, held on Saturday, in Johannesburg.
Sussman won the overall individual winner award, and also scooped the Top CIO of Africa and Top ICT Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. He was also noted as one of the top ICT businessmen on the continent.
“œIt is an honour to be acknowledged by the industry for the business and social impact that Integr8 IT continues to make on the African continent,“ Sussman said.
He added that he was excited about the impact Integr8 has made on the market, but even more excited about where the company is going. “œWe have spent nine years building our proven operational delivery model, and this is just the beginning. We are now ready to take our running into a sprint.“
He noted that Integr8 is “œa true South African success story“; a story “œfrom bedroom to boardroom“.
Founded by ICT research and consulting house ForgeAhead, the African ICT Achievers Awards is an Africa-wide ICT recognition and reward programme that has been in existence for 11 years. The theme of this year’s award was “œMaking the African Century a Reality“.
The programme recognises those who have proven they are globally competitive, and have made a difference in the lives of others less fortunate by helping them overcome the challenges Africa faces in leveraging ICT for development.
By Jacob Nthoiwa
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