iPhone Poker Apps

You love online poker, and now that you have your fancy new iPhone you want to play poker on it, as well you should. Fortunately for you there are a number of exciting poker apps for the iPhone, each differing depending on the kind of poker you like to play. Here’s a breakdown:
Video Poker on the iPhone: Jacks or Better iPhone Poker
If video poker is your thing, iPhone has you covered with Jacks or Better iPhone poker. This simple app plays just like the real thing, allowing you to play up to five credits at once to win. Payouts occur according to a standard pay table, and you can draw as many cards as you want one time to improve your hand just like in the casino.
Friendly Poker on the iPhone: Apple Texas Hold’em
The first poker application many iPhone users find themselves experimenting with is Apple Texas Hold’em. This is a great app for those who want to kill a little time by themselves or with friends.
The graphics are high quality and the game play is smooth, and you can play against computer opponents or a group of friends who also have the application. You can make full use of the touch screen with Apple Texas hold’em to move chips around or select your actions with just one finger.
Online Poker on the iPhone: Zynga Live Poker
When you’re ready for the iPhone poker big leagues, it’s time to download Zynga. Zynga is as close to an online poker site as you can possibly get from your iPhone wireless device. You can join a variety of games with iPhone players from all over the world, including players linked to social networks like Facebook and MySpace.
It’s important to be aware that you can’t play for real money; Zynga has the functionality for it but Apple doesn’t allow wireless gambling on their mobile devices. Still, you can get a full interactive poker experience using Zynga, and if you want to work out privately with your competitors what your virtual chips are worth, that’s entirely up to you.