Web Africa Tests Their New Network, Gives Free 10GB ADSL Trial to 5,000

Web Africa is busy working up its new network, and the South African company has just announced a trial for its new tier 1 ADSL network. The company is inviting anyone with an ADSL line and a router to take part in the trial and is offering a 10 GB free bandwidth to those who accept.


Clearly, the offer will have a number of people interested — since everyone loves free bandwidth — so they have capped the number of free accounts to 5,000.
The company says that the new network will allow it to offer better services to its customers, as Web Africa will no more be required to adjust with the requirements of other providers. Also, this free trial will help the company to fine tune the network and ensure that they don‘t run into any problems when the service officially rolls out.
“œThe decision to launch our own ADSL network has been made specifically with our customers in mind,“ says Matthew Tagg, CEO of Web Africa. “œNot only will we now have more freedom to offer new products and services to our users, we will be able to offer the very best service at an affordable price. Our goal is to optimise our network according to what our customers need for their various internet usages.“
Their plan is to make the shift to the new network as smooth as possible, once the trials are over, existing customers will be moved to the new network, without any change in services offered, subscriptions, and/or the pre-paid costs.
Have you made it to the 5,000. How is it?