Facebook 3.0 App Awaits the App Store Approval

There is a Facebook 3.0 app for the iPhone thas arrived and is awaiting the App store approval. The latest version looks like the full Facebook but with a cleaner, snappier and bug-free interface.


Some great features have been added to the application and that includes the all new News Feed that imitates the web based version, very well. There’s also the Like feature in full swing, but for it, Facebook is expected to fix the notification system so that a user doesn’t get bombarded with notifications after “˜liking‘ something. Other than these there’s access to events, too. They include the ability to RSVP but there is still no access to the event‘s wall.
The iPhone users can edit notes but cannot tag people in notes. They can now create new albums and upload photos to them, zoom in photos and can even have an album of profile pictures. You can quickly text friends directly from the friends page and all the messages you type will be restored in case there is an interruption to your connection.
To top it all there is a new homescreen that ensures easy access to all your stuff, search and notifications.
We think we’ll give it a try in here and let you know!
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