Envato Birthday Support

Tuesday, the 18th of August, Envato started thier 3 day birthday bonanza. Offering $300 worth of files for only $20, what a deal I thought to myself. So I proceeded to upload money into my theme forest account to purchase the bundle.
I started my download, all was looking good until 880mb when my download timeout (it’s a 970mb file). I couldn’t believe it, it had taken me 5 hours to get to that point and I was livid. I tried a further 4 times to download the file, but it was too late, North America was awake and they were hogging the lines with their massive speeds.
I contacted the support team offered from Theme Forest, asking them to please supply the file as 5 smaller file segments.
Today they answered my email supplying me with an apology and 5 separate links to download the files.
I must admit I was very impressed with their service and attitude towards the “little people”. Even though I live in South Africa and have a slow connection they did not discriminate or over look me. They supplied me with what I asked for with no hassle.
I just want to say Envato you guys rock!
Envato has won me over with their excellence.