MSNBC Acquires EveryBlock

MSNBC, the joint venture between Microsoft and NBC, has acquired the Chicago based hyper-local information site EveryBlock in a several million dollar deal.
The two year-old experiment in hyper-local news is available in 15 cities (New York, San Francisco, and Seattle to name a few) deeply covers local communities with a range of topics which span from announcements to news coverage, blog entries, civic data, photos and dozens of other types of information — just by typing your address, neighborhood name or ZIP code.
The evident aim of the acquisition is to compete with local newspapers and other forms of media. EveryBlock is capable of providing stunning stats for specified local areas which strengthens the base of making it a more vivid news source. It is all about weaving more local results into the site and this could even assist the new search engine Bing.
Founded in 2007, with a $1.1 million grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, we have to agree that this is a wonderful achievement for a start-up company with just six employees. What’s even more interesting is that MSNBC plans to keep EveryBlock independent and will help it continue grow to other cities, too.
[via NYTimes]