Twitter Wants Users to Focus on Retweeting – Project Retweet, Phase One – RT NOW!

Not many know what retweeting (RT) on Twitter is — but you probably do. However, for those who don’t, retweeting is getting more attention towards a particular tweet by copy pasting it as your own and crediting the original author with an @ mention and finally indicating that it is a retweet. And this is how Twitter wants to facilitate the open exchange of information to have a global impact whilst also having an efficient dissemination of information across the entire Twitter ecosystem. That very inspiration will see this feature being officially added to

Phase one of project retweet is to show the developer community how it will work from an API perspective as well as a user perspective.

The final details for project retweet are still getting ready and as of now, Twitter has managed to reach the first phase which caters to the developers. Hence why applications related to the same are being sought.
Consequently, the first official launch of retweeting will be for a selective set of users and once the assessments are made here, a full retweeting tool will become public for all.
So that leaves me to only two questions. Will Twitter beat Google in popularity, and … will you retweet this? 🙂