Apple Intends to Tie iTunes 9 With a Social Application

Is Apple finally targeting the lucrative Social Networking business? The big question has a lot of confusing answers and the latest speculation to add to that long list of answers — after the Paypal killer, is that Apple is keen on tying iTunes with a social application that should release to the market in the near future (whatever that means).
The application will be similar to Yahoo One Connect and will be capable of consolidating all social networking services.
As a consequence you will be able to broadcast what music you are listening to and you could even share music with people on your network. Not just that, you could connect with your friend‘ friends and update all your statuses at one go. In combination with iTunes 9, your music status could also be broadcasted.
The problem with all these is that nothing is confirmed, which just leaves us in a state of jeopardy for now.
[via BGR]