Google Voice Application Rejected for the iPhone, Blame AT&T?

The Google request to run Google Voice as an application on the Apple iPhone has been rejected by the App Store. Surprisingly the big G isn‘t disappointed by the development as they will continue to work to bring the services to iPhone users — for example, by taking advantage of advances in mobile browsers.
Except GV Mobile, all third-party applications that use the service have also been pulled out by Apple. The reasons that can be cited for such a development is that Google is a direct competitor to the iPhone OS with its Android which is fast conquering the market share. The official reason is that the application had “duplicating built-in iPhone features” — which we think it’s bull …
A “˜spicier‘ reason could be that AT&T is behind the whole deal as Google Voice offers free texting whereas AT&T is still charging minutes for texts. Also, international calling plans for AT&T can suffer a severe setback given the advantages offered by Google Voice. If the latter one has got more to do with the development, the future of Google Voice on the iPhone is very much over.
[via AppleInsider]