Rumour: Details of next iPhone emerge

In typical fashion, details of the next iPhone has started to leak to the internet. This screen shot is from a new model, with a model number not yet available. It can be seen that the model might sport 32GB storage.
The poster who made this available also had the following details:
600MHz processor (up from 400)
256 MB RAM (up from 128)
3.2MP auto focus camera (up from 2 MP fixed focus)
Digital Compass (or “magnetometer”)
FM Radio
This would seem like logical upgrades except for the following:
If the processor is upped to 600MHz it might negatively affect the already poor battery life of the iPhone. Of course they constantly improve power efficiency, and this is primarily a gaming decision I assume.
The FM radio is also unlikely. Apple has been making iPods for a number of years now, why would they start doing it now? The iPhone has a number of streaming applications available which in a way renders the FM radio moot. But it will still be appreciated especially in a country like South Africa where streaming radio is impossible because of high costs.
Any other areas you think the iPhone needs to be improved? Battery Life? Keyboard?
Via MacRumors