News24 iPhone application will expand their mobile strategy in the next few weeks when they launch an iPhone application for all their 24 portals which include Wheels24, Sport24, News24, Fin24 & Entertainment24. The News24 iPhone application will enable all iPhone users to gain access to Africa’s #1 online destination and have breaking news at their finger tips.
Phase 1 of the application, which focuses on efficient content distribution, will have some additional functionality. This is by way of a restaurant search mechanism based on Google maps. With the new release of Google Maps on PC (which is due on the iPhone), finding directions to your desired restaurant will be seamless. The idea is to in Phase 2 integrate Food 24 databases and add content to the function.
Users will be able to send 24 news tips and pictures in Phase 1 already, adding to the MyNews experience.
The application will be available for free from the iTunes store
Kudos to Sessa ( mobile strategist) and Matt (GM of mobile) for the screen shots –
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