Google Adwords training course in Jozi

Online marketing is setting the trend for a new wave in communications. In South Africa, there is a growing interest which is not only motivated by a global recession but also a drive toward more measurable advertising. An additional stimulus was the industry‘s observation of the success of the Obama election campaign.
Addressing the lack of qualified people to lead this revolution, the AAA School of Advertising and Google South Africa have joined forces to offer the first fully comprehensive training course on AdWords. AdWords is an online advertising platform designed to help businesses of all sizes use the web to find new customers by delivering relevant ads when users search for specific products and services. The training programme is one of two courses that the AAA is launching under the auspices of its new Digital Marketing Academy. Digital Marketing Strategy is the second option and forms part of a practical overview of the field of digital and online marketing, and its application within the marketing and communications industry.
The academy is the brainchild of Walter Pike, head of marketing at the AAA School of Advertising. “œMany marketers in South Africa incorrectly view digital, online and mobile advertising as an add-on medium since it is perceived that access to the internet is relatively small. This is not so, with around five-million PC-based internet users, joined by many millions of mobile phone users with browser capability access to the internet being the norm. Interestingly enough, during 2008, for the first time the ad spend on digital was greater than the spend on television, in the UK“ says Pike.
The academy is run from the AAA campus in Johannesburg, and both courses start on the week commencing 13 April. Pike adds that both courses are directed at marketing and advertising students and communication industry professionals in Gauteng. “œSouth Africa is on the brink of an explosion in the use of online media. The question is do we have the skills base? The AAA Digital Marketing Academy seeks to address this. The AdWords training is similar to that offered by the Google Advertising Profession (GAP) qualification, as well as in-depth analysis into best practice in online marketing on the Google platform,“ said Pike.
Marion Gamel, Head of Marketing for Africa and Middle East at Google says, “œThis course is the first of its kind to be offered by a South African education institution. The aim is to prepare students for their future careers and help marketing and advertising professionals‘ up-date their know-how, and equip them with skills that are valued by local and international employers“.
Running over a period of approximately three-months, the programmes are based around evening classes that take place once or twice a week. Training will be provided by experienced AdWords practioners, who are GAP certified and have copious experience using Google AdWords.
Each module will be accompanied by practical workshops and local case studies. Successful students who pass the GAP test will graduate with a suitable qualification that is becoming increasingly valuable in the market-place as South Africa starts to embrace online and search engine marketing.
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