Scoop – blogs integrates with Afrigator to join ‘Afrosphere’

 The continent‘s top blog platform has officially joined the wider African blogosphere, otherwise known as the Afrosphere. Having integrated‘s blogging engine with Afrigator ““ Africa‘s leading social media aggregator and directory of online content published and consumed by Africans ““ bloggers can now join this uniquely African community with a single click.
The new feature gives users the opportunity to not only gauge the popularity of their blog within the different brands (Wheels24, Women24, Sport24, news24 etc.) and the environment, but also in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa. According to the largest survey of South African bloggers conducted last year, almost 40 percent of local bloggers use the blog platform.
“œAdding the country‘s largest blogging community to Afrigator, effectively puts bloggers out into the wider world and lets them discover fellow bloggers, make new friends and generally contribute toward the African zeitgeist,“ say Justin Hartman, MD and co-founder of Afrigator. “œProviding bloggers with statistics that were previously unavailable to them, the integration also gives individual users the chance to see how their blog resonates within the network of websites, as well as with audiences outside of South Africa.“
24logo.jpg“œBy opening the window to the World Wide Web a little wider we are giving bloggers a new way to engage with other African and South African bloggers and nudging them into the mainstream of this vibrant new medium,“ says Alistair Fairweather, Social Media Manager at “œThe blogosphere is all about open democracy, personal expression, discovery and debate. At we‘ve come to recognise that a commitment to openness will help us to serve our users better and improve our Web 2.0 capabilities.“
According to “œSpeak Up!“ ““ a 2008 census of the South African blogosphere conducted by ““ approximately 60 percent of bloggers publish online to express themselves or have fun; with more than half of bloggers making one to five posts weekly. While the bulk of bloggers‘ inspiration comes from personal experiences (48 percent), the other top sources include local and international media sites and media releases (24 percent), and local and international blogs (14 percent). Currently, only about five percent of bloggers in South Africa claim to have a monthly audience of more than 10 000.
Screen shot – 24 Blogs on Afrigator
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