Siya: Stay connected on your mobile 24×7 for free!

Texting more than talking is what is cool with Gen-N and Instant Messengers that are becoming popular not just on the web, but also on modern mobile handsets. Staying in touch is the key and talking is not always a necessity.
Local company Siya is an IM option (download the application from the Siya WAP site) for those who like to stay connected with their buddies 24 x 7 and that for free. Of course, the free clause is only for downloading the IM, because further use will charge you a small price. But the guys at Siya claim that it will cost you a lot less than your normal text messages.
While you still need to check if your provider does offer the support, Siya comes with other cool such as the newest ringtones, wallpapers and games, plus the hottest news. However, before you get your fingers busy, do read the fine print first.
Siya is based in South Africa