ArtRevision in the Painting Business

I’ve just heard of it, so I though you’d be interested to know a bit more about ArtRevision, a new startup by the dudes from World Wide Creative.
ArtRevision in the Painting Business
Everything started with Yolande Roed – the main person responsible for great painting skills and amazing results – as a hobby but soon developed into a way for making some extra cash. It became a business.
Their services are clear. You either give them a picture and they turn it into an exceptional oil painting, or you prefer the classics, search their gallery and they’ll hand-paint you a replica of a masterpiece. They’re not going to make you a Picasso replica because of copyright issues, but you can expect to get a great painting from the ‘public domain’, as they call it.
ArtRevision in the Painting BusinessOther than being able to pay with a credit card or via EFT, the guys will take a photograph of the painting and mail it to you for “approval”. That’s what serving a customer is all about. And did I mention they ship FREE worldwide?
For those that see it as an opportunity to making money, then you should know that ArtRevision has a reseller program that will pay 15-percent commission on every sale you make.
I don’t know about you, but I’m sure my girlfriend would like to turn some of our vacation pictures into oil paintings and put them in the bedroom. What do you thin, will you give them a try?