Mail&Guardian New Layout

BandwidthBlog posted the scoop a few months ago about the new M&G site layout and I’m sure you remember it. Vincent Maher head strategist for M&G and Amatomu co-founder, showed it to Charl months and months ago, but today ladies and gents the wait is over. We have the final version which should be ready to go live soon.
M&G new layout
Took them a lot of time to renovate their website but M&G Online now includes a world-class design that’s based on a more spacious and sophisticated layout, which should offer a very easy and comfortable browsing experience. They’ve also implemented social media functionality by combining features from Thought Leader, South African blog aggregator Amatomu, and News in Photos sites.
Some say it may be faster than the older version. I agree.
Most important features of the new Mail & Guardian Online are:

  • Save clippings of favourite articles and publish these on their own clippings blogs.
  • The StoryPredictor suggests articles according to reader interests.
  • See who is viewing which article on the M&G Online in real time with NewsSwarm.
  • Enjoy better and centralised management of newsletter subscriptions.
  • Use advanced article printing functionality.
  • Add blog and news feeds from other online sources.
  • Receive special announcements from the M&G Online.
  • Use the ReadersChoice system to vote for articles or add articles from other sites.
  • Explore major e-commerce areas: jobs, cars, dating, property and shopping.
  • View related articles from other news websites.
  • Comment on all articles and debate with other M&G Online readers.
  • View a basic video feed of world news from AFP

Just for the records here’s a comparison : before and after.
We at BandwidthBlog have always been harsh and hard with newcomers or changes, but this time it’s almost a perfect A. Good job to all those that worked hard hours on beer and pizza to come up with the new layout. It’s looking great!