iPhone Users to Build a Social Network?

Apple customers and especially iPhone users seem to be an elitist group of people using only top notch technology. Therefore, the idea of creating a social network and include all of them, is not good but incredible. What would you say if there would be a mobile social network where you could see where your friends are or who in your area would be interested to go out on a coffee? Pretty neat, and obviously a big success if built right!
The new 3G iPhone was announced last week with a lot of buzz and once again it confirmed that no matter how good or bad, Apple fans will buy it no matter what. They worship it.
About the mobile social network for iPhone users, I still think it’s going to be a hit and its killer feature would be meeting new people. This may not be the reason why I would join, but this kind of features would really bring a lot of users in. Dating on your iPhone, sounds pretty cool, don’t you think?
Right now, Berkeley-based Fon11, developed something similar. Those who’d like to become a member will have to use the iPhone’s browser in order to register for an account, add friends or any other stuff. Though we’re not sure if you need the new 3G iPhone or if the old one should do, we do know that the application is limited right now. Wwe’ll keep an eye on these guys and see how they advance.