Plurk is a Twitter on Steroids – Quick Review

It’s been a week since I first heard off Plurk, and my first though was “not another Twitter”. I’m sure you know all the complaints users have on Twitter and looks like some smart guys wanted to prove that with a little bit more skills something great can be created.
I’m not going to call myself (and Charl) a Plurk guru, but for the last few days I’ve been using it and it sure is a great toy tool. Do you remember Mirc? Well Plurk is Mirc 2.0 and I’m sure it become the most popular microblogging /web IM solution simply because it’s much better.
Plurk screenshot
The concept is great using a timeline to see whatever you friends are saying, Plurk introduces a new concept: karma. Plurk like hell and you’ll get the chance to change your name or to use special smilies when you want to express something. It also lets you divide your friends into โ€œล“cliquesโ€œย, meaning groups.
Plurk profile
Plurk hasn’t experienced any downtime so far (relatively new), has a mobile version and should steal more and more Twitter users in the next couple of months. Although, we hope Plurk can scale their application as Twitter has suffered from continuous downtime the last few weeks.
Wanna join me on Plurk and tell me what you think ? Comment below if you want an invite..
[Updated 10 June 09:21am +2GMT]