Feedalizr is a Adobe Air desktop client that allows users to aggregate their Friend Feed account in a neat interface on their desktop. Launched earlier this year by SWAT (Strategic Worldwide Applications & Technologies) a division of Nasper’s MIH Internet, Feedalizr is one of the first quality Adobe Air applications to come out of South Africa.


Feedalizr recently launched their new version with major upgrades to the user interface, Flickr photo drag n drop integration and finally the most interesting feature: Feedalizr Video.
It’s pretty simple, you put your video directly into the Feedalizr application and all your Friend Feed subscribers will see it. Though you can record right from your camera in the applications it has one small drawback: the 30 seconds time limit which may not be enough to capture your entire message.feedalizr
Some of the things you can do with the Feedalizr desktop application includes:

  • Updates for Flickr, Pownce, or Twitter
  • Updates filtered by friend,
  • Post videos – which is rather seamless, and records right from your cam in the app
  • Drag and drop or upload pictures directly to Flickr
  • Instant updates

FriendFeed has a public API and Feedalizr seems to be one of the first apps based on the platform. You can follow the Feedalizr staff through their Friend Feed account.
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