Springleap marketing, a SEO contest

Ladies and gents if you remember our Springleap coverage last month you probably know that if you submit your t-shirt design and people like it, you may win some prizes.


The guys did it again, this time with a marketing solution to get blogs/Internet exposure and came up with a SEO contest. So they needed designers the first time to have what to sell and all they need now is people talking about them.
But let me tell you more about the contest. It’s starting today and ends on April 1st. This is when a number of judges will open up google.com and will search for – springleap – and will award points to the first three URLs (obviously 3pts for #1, 2pts for #2 and 1pt for #3). The total votes will be counted and the winners will get R500 for number three, R1000 for number two and a “whopping” R2500 for number one.
As you can see their marketing strategy is great and believe me there’s going to be a lot of buzz on this SEO contest mainly because it’s money involved. What I would enjoy the most is to get some numbers from them, that tell us how many new buyers they got from this campaign.
Right now, for – springleap – BandwidthBlog is #2 and we plan to either stay there or climb one step further. I wish everyone luck and let the games begin.