ShowTube : Lots of Women, Lots of Shoes

Can you spot that one thing women talk at least once a day, every day, every year? I’m telling you, it’s shoes. They seem to have a weird obsession on shoes and I guess that’s the business plan why ShoeTube have launched. It’s a video network that should cover only shoes. They get the technology from twistage and the content is created by Powderhouse Productions.
Though shoes are such a good topic, don’t expect ShoeTube to be flawless. I’ll start with the PROs. The content is going to be very professional including several shows (with hosts) , quality interviews with big names in the industry and lots of blogs. But I get to the CONs right away because from what I’ve seen there is no user interactions other then comments and the forums.
What to be done?
Well they should put themselves in the shoes of their users. If I enjoy one video very much I would gladly share it with other members on the site or maybe embed it on my own blog. The site is missing interaction and shareability.
These features are not yet available but I’m sure ShoeTube is attentive and will correct it sooner or later because have had a great idea. They just need to become 100-percent web2.0.