New Delicious design

Techcrunch managed to get an exclusive look at the upcoming Delicous 2 site. There are numerous new features, and Delicious says that they have done a complete code rewrite this time around. One of the most notable things, however, is that they are dropping the branding: they are moving to instead of the that we‘re all used to.
Here are some of the new features aside from the upcoming name change and new layout:
* There are four main categories on the Delicioius site: Home, Bookmarks, People and Tags
* New sorting options
* Bulk tag editing“¦thank goodness!
* Autocomplete on the tag bar
* Organize and sort your friends
* New search engine with contextual search – search your own bookmarks, all bookmarks, or a network of bookmarks
The Delicious 2 preview page is available, but you have to be invited before you can login. I wouldn‘t search around too hard for an invite though, because any changes you make on the preview service will be lost once the new design goes live.
So I think the more important question is what do you think about them changing the name?