Skype comes out of the dark

Skype was back up and running on Saturday, but the question remains if this week‘s outage will have a lasting effect on the confidence people place in the service. Will anyone feel comfortable using Skype as their primary voice communications tool if a multi-day outage is possible?
Villu Arak of Skype had few words on the matter thus far, but promises more to come on Monday.

Hello friends,
Take a deep breath. Skype is back to normal.
On Monday, we‘ll provide a more detailed explanation of what happened. Until then, we‘d like to apologize and thank you. Precisely in that order. We know how difficult and frustrating the past two days have been. And still, your good wishes kept flowing in. Thank you for the amazing patience, trust and support!

Hopefully there will be more details at that time that will allay people‘s fears of another such outage happening.
[Via Mash]