Google to venture further into online office

google It seems Google wants to kick out Microsoft from its throne which it has been holding for so many years. Google will be targeting Microsoft PowerPoint with a yet to be named free presentation software. You won’t have to wait much longer for this software as it will be unveiled this summer with Google Apps. It already comprises of free spreadsheet, word processing and calendar programs. You will be able to use it online but can save and view the files offline too. You had been shelling out more than $300 to avail Office suite but Google surely plans to make it a history with its free software.Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google stated:

We believe we can bring presentations to a new level of user satisfaction. We don’t think it competes with Microsoft, because it doesn’t have all the functionality of Office. It’s a different way of sharing information, more casual, and a better fit to how people use the Web

The CEO of the company states that they are not targeting Microsoft but this is hard to believe and by offering similar software and that too free of cost it seems that Google would surely be able to eat into Microsoft’s Office customers at some point of time.
Via usatoday